Mnenja strank

I am a senior citizen whose health had been rapidly deteriorating for the past five years. I was suffering from an auto-immune disease caused by severe inflammation as well as having recurring throat infections. I had very low energy and felt completely burned out and could barely accomplish the basic tasks of daily life. A friend suggested that I visit Dr. Gregor Hocevar as he had had good results as his patient. I decided to see Dr. Hocevar who proceeded to remove all of my metal fillings and pulled 3 teeth and replaced them with ceramic implants. Once the treatment was completed, I felt much better nearly immediately and had a quick recovery. I now feel healthier and have more stamina than I did ten years ago. My energy is great and I have been able to work in my garden for the first time in many years. I can truly say that getting rid of the metal fillings and the infected teeth has been life changing. I feel younger and stronger, and at my age, that is a real blessing. I never imagined that having work done on my teeth would be so beneficial to my overall well-being, but that is what has happened. I also had a Cranial Sacral session after each appointment, which I believe enhanced my speedy recovery. Dr. Hocevar works with great precision yet is very gentle. He and his staff are very kind and welcoming and his office is state-of-the-art and has a spa-like feel to it. I am so grateful to Dr. Hocevar for his wonderful work which has restored my health.

ga. Vacheron