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Karima’s Inspirations je platforma, na kateri odkrito delim svoja osebna navdihujoča doživetja in kjer navdih delim z drugimi.

ALWAYS READY TO TRY NEW THINGS I love to try new therapies or anything that I feel might promote health, enhance energy in my body, or simply positively affect my sense of self. I’ve gone through countless different therapies, sessions, healing approaches, and always learned something new about my self. Recently I started using the LifeWave X39 patches. I place one every day on C7 (lower neck from behind) or two fingers under the belly button. I wear the patch up to 12 hours before discardiNg. I got very intrigued by the possible healing results you may experience by using them regularly. They elevate the peptide GHK-Cu, which is known to decline with age. When elevated, this peptide activates the body's stem cells providing incredible benefits such as: ✅better wound healing, ✅heightened energy, ✅deeper sleep, ✅rapid pain relief, ✅reduced inflammation, ✅and even a reduction in the appearance of lines and wrinkles. LifeWave X39 is backed by multiple clinical studies and 20 years of development. It sounds promising... and I am really excited to see how my body is going to respond to the patches 😀 I will keep you informed💗

VEGGIE NORI ROLLS Love the simplicity & tastiness of this meal. Inspiration for this recipe comes from @medicalmedium Cleanse to Heal book. It contains only health providing ingredients: -nori sheets -butter lettuce -sliced carrots -sliced red cabbage -thinly sliced onions -sliced avocado -cherry tomatoes cut in quarters -orange juice Directions: Place a nori sheet on a chopping board, brush orange juice across the other end add another nori sheet. You’ll get one long nori sheet. Arrange the lettuce, prepared vegetables on one end of the sheet. Brush orange juice across the other end and then roll up tightly. Cut in half and serve immediately. Wow, simple, tasty, healthy, and done in no time. Love it! Enjoy and be healthy❣️

WHEN ANXIETY ROBES YOUR DAUGTHER OF HER LIFE My daughter started to experience anxiety & panic attacks when she was 11 years old. It was excruciatingly painful for me to witness her suffering so deeply, believing that she couldn’t have her life, where joy & happiness were more a distant thought than reality. Her friendships created feelings of threat, instead of being a source of nourishment & connection. She had many difficulties;with learning, she couldn’t tolerate enclosed spaces, she had a hard time falling asleep,she had racing thoughts, continually worrying about simple things like what to wear and what to eat. Fear became predominant in her life. She was afraid to go to school, to meet friends, to go on trips, to sing and perform. She was even scared to eat because when she felt full, feelings of anxiety came online. Constant worries, the tension in the diaphragm and chest and stomach sensitivity were having a massive impact on her sense of self and who she was taking herself to be. She believed she was hopeless, that something was fundamentally wrong with her and that she will not succeed in life on her own. My husband and I were devastated, running out of options on how to help our daughter. I spent countless nights next to her, praying and asking for guidance and help. No doctor and no therapist could help us until I learned about @medicalmedium 🙏🏼✨💛Through his information, I understood that anxieties and most of the other’s symptoms she was dealing with are due to viral & bacterial overload plus heavy metal toxicity in the body. She started implementing MM protocols in her daily life. Lemon water, upon waking up, followed by celery juice, and afterwards, HMDS smoothie. We cut out all of the "troublemaker foods”. In just a few months, she already felt better. For the past nine months, she has been entirely free of symptoms. Anxieties have completely dissipated, panic attacks have stopped, her skins sensitivities and eczema have dissolved. She has her life back. She is happy, radiating health and joy. She is excellent at school, she has dreams for the future, and she reclaimed her passion for writing songs🌸💗✨🙏🏼

FEELING ALIVE💛✨💫✨💫💛 For most of my life, I have been dealing with a whole range of physiological and psychological symptoms. I felt disconnected from my core vitality and the feelings of being alive. ✨ I have been working in different ways to overcome the so-called ‘roadblocks’ that were standing in the way of reconacting with my aliveness. I have done countless sessions, tried numerous diets, spent nights praying and meditating, had endless walks in nature, always hoping that I will find my way HOME, where I am well, healthy, and alive. ✨ It's been a rather challenging life journey for me, but looking back, I feel only gratitude, and I see that every step, no matter how painful it might have been in the past, had its purpose. It was like a stepping stone in the dark tunnel that brought me slowly but surely home, where I am well, healthy, and alive. ✨ @medicalmedium journey seems to be one of those stepping stones very close to my home. I have healed tremendously applying MM protocols over the last three years, but adding meditations (Moon Meditation, Free As a Bird Meditation and Letting Go Of Fear Meditation) to my daily routine opened up possibilities to resolve deeper layers of trauma that I was unaware of that were in the way of reconnecting with aliveness. Through these meditations, I was able to get in touch with the profound survival fear in a compassionate, gentle, loving, uplifting, and resourceful way. ✨ As a trauma therapist, I see deep value in these meditations as they are addressing your deepest resources of aliveness, health, freedom of the soul, connection to the moon. They are empowering, and they give you a sense you are not alone in this universe. So beautiful. ✨ I am profoundly grateful to Anthony and the Spirit of Compassion for giving us this amazing information and meditations to cope with the challenges of our time. It is precious, invaluable, and awe-inspiring. 😇💗✨🙏🏼

21st of OCTOBER, NATIONAL APPLE DAY 🍎🍏🍎🍏 - ‘🍎This fruit’s inflammatory properties make it a top peak when you are faced with practically any illness. - 🍎The phytochemicals in apples make them a true brain food, feeding neurons, and increasing electrical activity. - 🍎Apple helps cleanse and purify the organs to improve circulation in your lymphatic system, repair damaged skin, and regulate blood sugar. - 🍎Apples are also hydrating on the deep cellular level. They provide precious trace minerals such as electrolytes and critical mineral salts that help the body rehydrate after exercise or stress of any kind. - 🍎Apples Starve out bacteria yeast mold other funguses cease and viruses from the intestinal tract and liver.’ @medicalmedium - We made a point to enjoy apples every single day. We have been witnessing the healing results of this powerful fruit. - They say that one apple a day, in the long run, takes a doctor away. - May our planet be abundant in apples for many more years to come🙏🏼

20th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY 🎉🎉🎉 - Thank you for being in my life; I feel blessed to have you as my life-companion, husband, father of our children, my dear friend, and my co-worker. - You are the LOVE of my life, my soulmate, my biggest teacher of peace and kindness. - There were times when I was lost in my world of suffering and hardships, and I wasn’t able to see you and appreciate you fully. But you were always there by my side, no matter what I was going through. You were patient, giving me all the space I needed. You were loving and caring. And I needed years of self-healing to be able to see you for who you truly are. And for that, I am eternally grateful. This is the preciousness of your being. This is the love that helped me to open my heart, helped me to trust again, and to allow myself to love. - And I feel such deep joy in my heart to think of all the years ahead, all the adventures and experiences that are waiting for us to live. All these possibilities where we can deepen our love and connection even more. - I wish you a Happy 20th anniversary, my dear Gregor. I love you with all of my heart. 💗💗💗

HOW I INSPIRED MY FAMILY TO CHANGE THEIR EATING HABITS ✨😉💚 When I first came into contact with @medicalmedium information, I was both intrigued and inspired. I felt a deep sense of hope inside of me that finally, I might have found a way to heal. I realized that this could help my family as well, since we were all dealing with different long-life health issues. - I knew it would be challenging for my family, as it meant drastically changing their eating habits. It meant introducing: - ✅Lemon water & Celery juice instead of coffee & hot chocolate ✅Fruits instead of eggs, cheese, bread, and cereal ✅More leafy greens & vegetables instead of pasta, meat and sauces ✅More water & natural juices instead of soft drinks - I started drinking lemon water and celery juice every day; I soon went on 28 days of raw cleanse. In just a few months of following MM protocols, some of my health issues dissipated. I was blown away by the results, and so were my family. For years, they had been witnessing me trying to heal without significant results; instead, my symptoms getting worse. I started to implement more and more MM dishes, and they turned out to be a delight for the whole family. - Very soon, my son and daughter joined. It was not easy at the beginning, but they both knew why they were doing it. They wanted to heal. And this is powerful; it gave them the energy to make a change and stay committed to the new way. As we were all heaving miraculous healing results, it inspired my husband as well. - Today we are healthy and empowered with the precious knowledge of maintaining health in our bodies and joy in our hearts. - We can change our habits, no matter how embedded they are in our brain, but for some of us, there has to be a very good reason for it. We had it!!!! We had been experiencing challenging symptoms (allergies, skin sensitivities, migraines, anxieties, yeast infections, painful joints, bloating, intestinal cramping, acne, tinnitus, bladder infections, hair loss, fatigue, burnout, and hearing loss, to name a few) not fully living our lives, and we desperately wanted to heal. - Do you have a reason to change your eating habits?💚

I am so happy to announce I completed another one-year training: LIVING ANATOMY. - I am so grateful for the new knowledge. This has been one of my most inspirational training. I learned about anatomy and physiology in an explorative, experiential, and fun way. - I am grateful for the more in-depth understanding of how our body functions, how homeostasis and a balanced integration between all body systems are essential for our health. I learned about different Systems: ✅ Integumentary ✅ Skeletal ✅ Muscular ✅ Nervous ✅ Endocrine ✅ Cardiovascular ✅ Urinary ✅ Respiratory ✅ Lymphatic ✅ Digestive ✅ & Male and Female Reproductive Systems - The complexity of our body is so mind-blowing. There is wisdom at work that is beyond human understanding. The science today knows a lot about the functioning of our body, yet not so much about the driving force behind all the systems that seem to work with a profound intelligence that remains a mystery to us. - The knowledge I gained helps me to be a better therapist and a much better communicator with my husband, who is a dentist. I can integrate @medicalmedium information much easier, and of course, learning new things makes the mind grow stronger, slows down the brain aging, and keeps the brain sharp. - Thank you, @craniosacraleducationtrust team, for an amazing learning experience🙏🏼💗🙏🏼

BROCCOLI LENTIL SOUP 🥔🥦🥔🥦🥔🥦 It's a perfect soup for rainy, cold days. It warms up your body; it's very nourishing and rich in powerful healing properties. - Among other healing foods it also contains POTATOES which is our favorite Food. We actually eat them every day. I am delighted whenever I come up with a new recipe that includes these miraculous tubers. They have been blamed for the too-long illness they never caused. I am so profoundly grateful that I discovered the TRUTH about potatoes through @medicalmedium. - The entire potato, inside and out, is valuable and beneficial for your health. Potato plants draw some of the highest concentration of macro and trace minerals from the earth. They are high in potassium, rich in vitamin B6, and a fantastic source of amino acids. Potatoes are brain food that keeps you grounded and centered. - Nature made BROCCOLI with a balance that can’t be matched, to offer a little something for every organ, gland, bone, nerve, and more in the body. It is an all-purpose multivitamin for the body; it contains bioavailable trace minerals and other nutrients that enhance all body systems, including the entire immune system. - Ingredients: 3 cups steamed broccoli 3 cups cubed potatoes 2 cups red lentil 1 & 1/2 cup sliced carrots 1 & 1/2 cup sliced onions Four garlic cloves minceD 1 tsp turmeric 1 tsp paprika 1 tsp cumin black seeds Salt Water - Directions: Sauté the onion in two tablespoons of water over medium-high heat for approximately 5 minutes until tender. Add carrots, garlic, and a sip of water, sauté for another few minutes. Then add potatoes, lentils, water, turmeric, salt, paprika, and cumin seeds. Bring it to a boil and continue to cook everything over medium-high heat for 15-20 min. Blend until smooth and add steamed broccoli. - Enjoy your live and be healthy ❣️❣️❣️ - Info:@medicalmedium

Repost from @passionistandco ⬇️⬇️⬇️ - LIFE-CHANGING CELERY• It was 5 months ago when I started drinking celery juice in the morning. My inspiration was @karimas_inspirations and @medicalmedium 🙏🏻Since the first week I am sort of addicted to it 😄 🥬 Celery juice has definitively erased the symptoms of psoriasis (plaque). I can say that I feel healed (as much as I can with this disease). It also makes me feel more energized and happy (yes, you got it right, happy). I also lost a bit of weight while drinking the juice.🌈 And so much more benefits ... Would youl like me to do a video about celery juice benefits? Vote in stories😉 Thank you @medicalmedium for this medicine🙏🏻 Check out @karimas_inspirations beautiful profile!💓

INSPIRATION IS A LIFE FORCE 💫✨💫✨💫✨💫 My whole life is about being inspired by people, healing stories, places, and life itself. Being inspired helps me make the right decisions in life; it supports me to face challenges, it gives me the courage to take on new journeys, it allows me to trust and believe. When I am inspired, I see the potential in situations that seem to be lost or hopeless; I see a future where there is none, and I see hope when it seems to be lost. ✨ Inspiration is like the fire in the dark. It’s like the stars in the sky. It’s like the rising sun and shining moon. It’s natural, enlightening, life-giving, sparking, and refreshing. To be inspired means to be alive. ✨ And it goes both ways. By being inspired, you naturally inspire others. Life becomes joyful and rich. You feel connected to yourself and others beyond human conditioning. You feel there is a purpose to your existence. Inspiration is an authentic expression of the life force within each one of us. It's a spark of life with the infinite potential of creativity. It’s precious and genuine. ✨ When you are genuinely inspired, you connect to the heart and you naturally radiate joy and kindness. You want to shine your light onto all the people,animals and nature. It's a profound state of being. ✨ Suppose we would all feel like that. Imagine how our lives would be or what our planet would look like. Just this very thought deeply inspires me. ✨ And I am only sharing my own experience of what it means for me to be inspired or to inspire! And maybe you get inspired as well😉 ✨ Blessings to you all🙏🏼💗🌸 And may your lives be filled with joy and health.

When I look back on my life and all the years of ADDICTION TO CAFFEINE, I am glad that today I am alive & healed from so many chronic health conditions. I started drinking coffee when I was fifteen years old and stopped three years ago (after 27 years of drinking it!) following severe burnout. - My burnout came as a result of two-year intermittent fasting. I started the intermittent fasting because I believed I would heal through it. In these two years', I would drink up to 4 coffees a day, so my morning routine looked like this; coffee upon waking up, coffee an hour later, and then one more before lunch. Lunch & dinner consisted of eggs because I was led to believe this, too, was good for my health. I had no awareness of how I was unknowingly destroying the bits of my remaining health. This was one of my most painful experiences in life. - All of my symptoms got worse, and one day, I just couldn’t get out of the bed anymore, and I lost so much of my hair. Everyone would notice. I was finally diagnosed with burnout! - I was one of those who believed coffee is rich in antioxidants and actually healthy for my body. Through @medicalmedium, I began to learn what caffeine does to the body. I learned even more in the Cleanse to Heal book, and yesterday, when I was listening to the podcast on Coffee, Matcha, and Chocolate, I was shocked to hear the whole story and what is behind the caffeine industry. This podcast is really worth listening to! - I learned how caffeine weakens the liver. It causes our bodies to endlessly pump our reservoir of adrenaline. It's highly toxic, destroys specific hormones that help hair to stay alive, weakens the nervous system, affects the functioning of the heart, it can hinder us from feelings, inner work, and inner sensations. It also affects spirituality. - My God, I resonate with every single word here 🙏🏼 and I lived It. I had A painful Experience of the devastation that Caffeine did To my Body and soul. - So I hope some of you get inspired reading this. I want to let you know there is a way to heal and recover. There is a way to live a healthy life that is rich, authentic, clear-minded, and so much more powerful! 🙏🏼💓✨🙏🏼💓✨🙏🏼

Center Hočevar

Biološko zobozdravstvo, pri katerem je na prvem mestu naraven, človeškemu organizmu prijazen pristop.

Special moment of giving treatment to my daughter In my family, we are aware that a high level of vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients is crucial for our well-being and general health. Especially the minerals are essential to keep our teeth healthy and resistant to decay.. We also practice the best possible teeth-care, including brushing, flossing, tongue cleaning, oil pulling. But despite all that, decay can occur. Digital x-ray imaging helped me to detect a small lesion/decay between two lower molars in my daughter's case. I will keep you posted on the treatment outcome. So, my message would be- check your teeth regularly and properly to keep them safe and vital😉. If decay is overseen, it can lead to various problems, including inflammation and, in the end, loss of tooth vitality or loss of the tooth😔. #biologicaldentistry #centerhocevar #ch #dentistry #teeth #medicine #retece #slovenia #ch #health #dentalhealth #ceramicimplants #shop #education #blog #supplements #care #biologicalhealthcare #shocktrauma #developmentaltrauma #craniosacraltheraphy #somaticexperiencing

It was time to check up my teeth. I advise you to do an x-ray diagnostics once a year to look for any hidden cavities. We dentists are not able to see into the teeth and x-ray helps us to check if there are some active cavities taking place. Doing so we can save teeth before it gets to late. If we don’t act fast enough or if we overlook a cavity we can lose the vitality of the tooth. As biological dentists we strive to maintain vital and healthy teeth. 🦷🦷🦷 #biologicaldentistry #centerhocevar #ch #dentistry #teeth #medicine #retece #slovenia #ch #health #dentalhealth #ceramicimplants #shop #education #blog #supplements #care #biologicalhealthcare #shocktrauma #developmentaltrauma #craniosacraltheraphy #somaticexperiencing

A SPECIAL MOMENT GIVING A TREATMENT TO MY SON My son is 19 and is Mercury-free (at least in his mouth). He still has a bit of it in his body, which could be connected to environmental toxicity. We also know that the first borns receive approximately 70% of the toxic burden from the mother. When I was his age, my mouth was full of mercury fillings. It took quite some time and effort to clear my body of mercury. I am so grateful to become a biological dentist to provide my family and my patients the best possible treatment according to biological standards using only biocompatible materials. In my son’s case, I treated his small cavities using biocompatible composite material, which is Bis-GMA, TEGDMA, and HEMA free. The material was inserted directly according to Minimal invasive and Layering techniques. I always work in a Minimal invasive way to preserve the vitality of the teeth as long as possible. Nowadays, you should really check your treatment options in order to stay healthy. #biologicaldentistry #centerhocevar #ch #dentistry #teeth #medicine #retece #slovenia #ch #health #dentalhealth #ceramicimplants #shop #education #blog #supplements #care #biologicalhealthcare #shocktrauma #developmentaltrauma #craniosacraltheraphy #somaticexperiencing

Today this amazing air disinfector @fagronlab arrived to our Clinic. It will clean the air from bacteria and viruses so that your visit in our Center will be even safer. Our staff also like it💪🏼. #biologicaldentistry #centerhocevar #ch #dentistry #teeth #medicine #retece #slovenia #ch #health #dentalhealth #ceramicimplants #shop #education #blog #supplements #care #biologicalhealthcare #shocktrauma #developmentaltrauma #craniosacraltheraphy #somaticexperiencing

A case we treated one and a half year ago. We immediately replaced 3 root canal treated teeth with 3 @swissdentalsolutions ceramic implants. We additionally placed 2 ceramic implants in the upper right region where 2 premolars were missing. We also had to extract tooth 23 because it was completely loose and placed in this region 2 ceramic implants. Additionally provisional crowns were inserted. The patient had no swelling, little pain and was satisfied with the surgery. One year later ceramic crowns were inserted after the situation was scanned. Great result🦷🦷🦷. #biologicaldentistry #centerhocevar #ch #dentistry #teeth #medicine #retece #slovenia #ch #health #dentalhealth #ceramicimplants #shop #education #blog #supplements #care #biologicalhealthcare #shocktrauma #developmentaltrauma #craniosacraltheraphy #somaticexperiencing

Zavedamo se, da je komunikacija med nami, terapevti in vami, strankami, zelo pomembna. Prav tako je izrednega pomena podatek, katero storitev smo izvedli in katere materiale smo uporabili; bodisi za keramične implantate, keramične krone, direktne inlaye... V ta namem vam na koncu posega izročimo Certifikat s popisom vstavljenega materiala. #biologicaldentistry #centerhocevar #ch #dentistry #teeth #medicine #retece #slovenia #ch #health #dentalhealth #ceramicimplants #shop #education #blog #supplements #care #biologicalhealthcare #shocktrauma #developmentaltrauma #craniosacraltheraphy #somaticexperiencing

We take care of our patients and our staff. We just received this cool device called Woodpecker High Pressure Plasma Air Purifier Q7 – Air Purifier for Dental Practices. High Pressure Electrostatic air purification technology. Q7 Air Purifier can absorb particles and aerosols as small as 14.6nm. An electric field of 20,000 to 40,000 volts can effectively eliminate bacteria and viruses The virus killing rate for H3N2 Influenza virus (similar in size to Coronovirus SARS-CoV-2) is 99.97% within 1 hour. Protect the health of you, your employees and your patients. During clinical practice a large amount of water mist and aerosols will float in the air for hours which poses a risk to dental professionals and patients. Features; pre-filter. to filter out large particles such as hair Generator Pole. with positively charged plates – killing bacteria and viruses 20,000 – 40,000 volt sterilisation chamber to kill bacteria and viruses Collector – collects the positively charged particles which have passed through pre-filter, generator pole and chamber Catalytic Device – absorbs odours and reduces carbon TPA Technology – Innovative use of generator pole and collector pole to form a dust hunting airfield. Absorbs dust, smog and particles in the air. Absorb particles up to 100 times smaller than PM2.5 , known as the benchmark for future air purifiers, ushering in a new era of silent and consumable -free air purification. The Woodpecker Air Purifier can effectively filter particles that are at least 14.6 nanometers / 0.0146 microns in size. Coronavirus is 125 nanometer particle size Existing air purifiers incorporate a HEPA filter which can only absorb the particles and needs constant replacement. Woodpecker Air Purifiers can kill airborne viruses and doesn’t have any replacement filters. #biologicaldentistry #centerhocevar #ch #dentistry #teeth #medicine #retece #slovenia #ch #health #dentalhealth #ceramicimplants #shop #education #blog #supplements #care #biologicalhealthcare #shocktrauma #developmentaltrauma #craniosacraltheraphy #somaticexperiencing

When talking about dental implants we prefer Ceramics over Titanium. See the difference. #biologicaldentistry #centerhocevar #ch #dentistry #teeth #medicine #retece #slovenia #ch #health #dentalhealth #ceramicimplants #shop #education #blog #supplements #care #biologicalhealthcare #shocktrauma #developmentaltrauma #craniosacraltheraphy #somaticexperiencing

We are always happy to see a perfect treatment outcome. In this case a root canal treated simptomatic tooth was extracted and immediately replaced with @swissdentalsolutions ceramic implant. The integration of the implant was optimal and the treatment was finished 4,5 Months after extraction. New full ceramic crown looks as natural as a vital tooth. Of course the patient was well immunologically prepared before the surgery with BHP supplements provided by @supznutrition 😉😊😌 #biologicaldentistry #centerhocevar #ch #dentistry #teeth #medicine #retece #slovenia #ch #health #dentalhealth #ceramicimplants #shop #education #blog #supplements #care #biologicalhealthcare #shocktrauma #developmentaltrauma #craniosacraltheraphy #somaticexperiencing

Pri nas v CH poskrbimo za ustrezno zaščito in vaše dobro počutje. #biologicaldentistry #centerhocevar #ch #dentistry #teeth #medicine #retece #slovenia #ch #health #dentalhealth #ceramicimplants #shop #education #blog #supplements #care #biologicalhealthcare #shocktrauma #developmentaltrauma #craniosacraltheraphy #somaticexperiencing

Ponosni na svoje CH sodelavce 🦷 #biologicaldentistry #centerhocevar #ch #dentistry #teeth #medicine #retece #slovenia #ch #health #dentalhealth #ceramicimplants #shop #education #blog #supplements #care #biologicalhealthcare #shocktrauma #developmentaltrauma #craniosacraltheraphy #somaticexperiencing

Repost from @karimas_inspirations - Our patient Ines has been coming to our center for quite a few years now. - Shortly after her first root canal in 2012 with her previous dentist, she got thick cysts all over her body. Later on, her health condition worsened, and she developed Hashimoto’s disease, muscle inflammation, alopecia areata, (hair loss) and migraines. She was experiencing intense pain. She went to see several doctors and never received proper medical support. - A few years ago, she discovered our center. She was intrigued by our biological holistic approach to dental treatment. - She became our patient, underwent the safe removal of mercury fillings and the removal of inflamed root canal treated teeth, and today she had her last dental surgery. Her oral cavity is now clean and her health conditions have improved substantially, but not fully. - She saw the Medical Medium book in our waiting room and wanted to buy it. We surprised her by offering it as a gift. We deeply hope @medicalmedium is going to open up new possibilities of healing for her. - We wish her all the best from the bottom of our hearts.